10 Genius Inventions Ahead of Their Time Da Vinci

10 Genius Inventions

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous household names in painting, in the world, but many people forget his long list of pioneering, future-defining inventions. Born in 1452, in Florence, Italy, Da Vinci not only left a lasting legacy in Art with his infamous Mona Lisa, but he also paved the way for science and invention today.

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10 Genious Inventions from Leonardo Da Vinci
Da Vinci Swing Away Bridge


Featured Designer Leonardo Da Vinci

10. The Parachute Leonardo Da Vinci

9. The Flying Machine

8. 33-Barreled Organ

7. Self-Propelled Cart

6. Armored Tank

5. Aerial Screw Helicopter

4. Revolving Bridge

3. Robotic Knight

2. Scuba Gear

1. Ideal City Leonardo Da Vinci


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