Jerrybag SHIELD

Multi-Purpose Hard-shell Backpack for Work & Travel

The Jerrybag Shield Hard-shell backpack is stylish and sturdy for use in everyday activities or a long hike through the mountains.  Separate back side air-mesh compartments, a polycarbonate cover, and suitcase dividers make this perfect for daily travel. 

The shield is lightweight and comes with straps for holding things tightly in place and plenty of pockets for convenience when storing laptops, phones, and other breakable items. This water repellent backpack expands from a 6-inch 25-liter pack to an 8.3-inch 35-liter bag in seconds. 

Jerrybag can be ordered with an Optional Functional Pouch Set or Rain Cover and has a planned retail price of $180. Available on Kickstarter.



The Trakk Shell backpack is a lightweight and shockproof bag with 2 (10-watt) subwoofers with max-bass technology, LED, and a Controller. Designed to weather most storms, the speakers can be heard over loud noise and wind. 

Dustproof and stain resistant, the shell includes an internal USB output power bank and can charge tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and other USB enabled devices. The power bank is powered by a 5200-megahertz battery that can provide 12 hours of audio or charge a cell phone twice on a single charge.  

The waterproof backpacks rugged design and multiple compartments allow for storing clothes, food, and more while protecting all your belongings and accessories.  

You can pick up one of these on Amazon for around $120.



The backpack that gives your body a break. 

Joey is a backpack designed to be easy on your body, by laying against your back and directing the weight towards your hips with its full contact, ergonomic back suspension system. A contoured hip pad absorbs the pressure and reduces horizontal movements when walking or running. 

JOEY – The backpack that gives your body a break.

JOEY – The backpack that gives your body a break.

The sternum strap with a Nifco buckle and Duraflex slider and hip strap feature a Fidlock snap fastener, which combines a magnetic clasp with the stability of a mechanical strap fastener. 

JOEY has a pair of easy to use side pockets for easy access to your smartphone, keys, or wallet. Weighing 2.65 pounds, this has a load capacity of up to 33.07 pounds with an extendable top lid for more capacity.

Price around $279.


Junlion Unisex Business Laptop Backpack College Student School Bag Travel Rucksack Daypack with USB Charging Port Black

Junlion Unisex Business Laptop Backpack $24.99



The Ultimate Rager

A Backpack + Cooler + Bluetooth Speakers

The first and only backpack made with a built-in cooler the Ultimate Rager also comes with a powerful 15-watt removable Bluetooth speaker system. The sturdy, double-seam backpack pairs with any Bluetooth device and has a plug-and-play mic jack to connect any microphone

An ice-lock water-resistant cooler lining holds up to 12 drinks, and the pack comes with an extra storage compartment. A built-in power bank and a rechargeable battery that lasts for eight hours will let you charge any device wherever you go.  

The Rager is smooth and trendy with a length of 20-inches, a height of 14-inches, and a width of 6.5-inches.

Exclusive retail pricing of this backpack is $79 – $119.


*Our Pick Amazon* Black: 

Backpack Cooler with 15-Watt Bluetooth Speakers & Subwoofer for Parties/Festivals / Beach/School. Rechargeable Cooler Backpack, Works with iPhone & Android (Gray, 2018 Edition)

Backpack Cooler with 15-Watt Bluetooth Speakers & Subwoofer $89.00




Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack 

Solgaard makes a line of backpacks and bags for almost any occasion, starting with the Lifepack, an Anti-theft solar powered backpack that will keep you productive, organized and charged up while you are on the go. This pack includes drop-proof laptop storage, hidden passport pockets, a Hex lock 2.0 anti-theft lock, and a Solar Bank S3. 

Roll over image to zoom in Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with laptop storage
Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with laptop storage

Price around $159.


Next, they have a Lifepack lite that includes everything except the solar bank. The Hustler Backpack also consists of an anti-theft cable lock, storage for a laptop up to 15 inches, and an organized pocket system with Secret passport pockets, credit card pockets, and a laptop charger pocket.  Price around $125.

Lastly, they have the Weekend Duffle Bag that includes a luggage mounting strap, an odor-proof shoe pocket, internal pockets, anti-theft-lock, and a recycled plastic lining.  Price $95.


The Transformer Bag 

The Transformer line of bags by Smart Tec is designed to transform into three different configurations from just one bag. The Rucksack can turn into a messenger bag or a 90-liter duffle bag or a 120-liter rucksack without compromising function or comfort.

Smarti Tec TRANSFORMER BAG: 3 Bags in 1 Bag!

Smarti Tec TRANSFORMER BAG: 3 Bags in 1 Bag!

The Regular Backpack can transform into a Mini Messenger Bag, a 35-liter Duffle Bag, and a 40-liter Backpack. In the Messenger Configuration, the bag includes 6 Outer pockets, 3 Mess pockets, and one compartment for laptops up to 16-inches with pockets for the charger and accessories.  

The Regular Messenger Bag can transform into a full 90-liter Cargo bag when you need it. The Cargo Bag can easily convert into a full 90 plus 30-Liter Rucksack. Prices range from about $180 to $360.



The Perfect Design for Business Handbags + Backpack

The 4 Space is a combination computer bag and backpack made of recycled and environmentally friendly PET materials. The surface is extraordinarily robust and can’t be broken by any of the standard tools that a thief might use. 


Both the outside and inside of the backpack are made of waterproof fabric. The 4 Space has a well-lit reflective logo that can be seen in direct light, and an external USB port is located on the strap of the backpack making it convenient for charging a smartphone

For around $100, you can get this two in one bag that fits together to make a backpack.  

Available on Kickstarter

*Our Pick on Amazon* 🛒

Large Canvas Backpack, Yousu Man Vintage Backpack Rucksack Outdoor Traveling Duffel Backpack Bag Classic Travel Multi Functional School Bookbag 3-In-1 Grey
Large Canvas Backpack, Yousu Man Vintage Backpack


Tactical City Pack

A Modern Functional Bag

Suitable for the city, travel, or the outdoors the Tactical City Pack is made in Koreas and uses the Molle system which is Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Inspired by the Military, Molle backpacks are used by NATO armed forces and the U.S. Army. 

Molle uses compatible accessories and pouches that can be attached to heavy-duty nylon stitches on backpacks and vest. The City Pack can carry up to a 17-inch laptop, a hydration bladder, and a portable mobile battery pack

The design featuring tons of compartments, straps, and pockets to hold your essentials is crafted using a variety of ultra-strong materials, including Cordura 1000d, neoprene, and nylon webbing.

The Retail Price is around $167.

 *Our Pick on Amazon* 🛒

Military Tactical Backpack,Army Molle Assault Rucksack
Military Tactical Backpack, Army Molle Assault Rucksack




The World’s First Backpack You Can Lean On

Created in Denmark, LeanBag is the first backpack that you can lean on. Great for the outdoor lifestyle, concerts, or festivals this bag is lightweight, durable, and weather resistant. Just extend the frame toward the front of the pack, un-clip and roll out the pad, then you are ready to sit back and relax.  


Created to bring that Copenhagen Feeling wherever you are in the world, it’s perfect for people who like to relax and enjoy life. The LeanBag comes in a choice of four colors; Black, Bottle Green, Burgundy, or Camel. 

We couldn’t find a price, but deliveries are estimated to begin in February of 2019. 




Ocean Plastics Daypack by Solgaard

The Upcycled Backpack 

The Ocean Plastics Daypack by Solgaard is an Upcycled Backpack made using five pounds of plastic that are recovered from the bottom of the ocean. They are working with partners in the Maldives to collect the plastics from the ocean floor. 

Designed for everyday use, these are made to carry a laptop and other kinds of tech gear. Each bag comes with a certificate of origin that documents where the plastic was collected and the process of making them. 

Even the shipping package does not use plastic. This comes in a reversible and water-resistant tote that is secured with a zipper and a biodegradable zip tie, and of course, every bag comes with a stainless steel straw.

You get all that for just $109.  


Slicks Travel System

One Backpack, Limitless Possibilities

The Slicks Travel System is a modular backpack designed for travel and keeps you organized in every travel scenario. This pack comes with a seam-sealed rain cover that is made of a water-resistant PU-coated nylon material. 

Internal inserts are designed to keep you organized, and the Travel System is available as a backpack only or in three made-to-order options with additional supplements to increase the uses of the pack.  

The Suit option comes with the backpack and a suit cover, the Trip option has the pack plus a Tripcover Mobile Wardrobe, and the Biz option comes with all three pieces. All these turns into one carry-on size bag that is easy to carry.  

Pricing starts at $29 for just the backpack.


RiutBag R10 and R15

The Revolutionary Backward Backpack 

The RiutBag is a backpack but made backward, so the zippers are against your back and safe from prying fingers when you are traveling at airports or any other places where there are lots of people around. 

This carryon size pack holds a 13 to 15-inch laptop, smartphone, water bottles, and tech accessories. Made of an anti-abrasive nylon Cordura material, this is waterproof and comes with optional waist and chest straps.

A D-pocket will let you store our phone or passport while the backpack is on your back. Best of all these are made without any animal or animal by-products and costs around $80 – $120. They ship these globally from the U.K.


*Our Pick on Amazon* 🛒

kopack 17 inch Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Waterproof Travel Backpack Rain Cover/USB Business Scan Smart
kopack 17-inch Anti Theft Laptop Backpack



Premium Laundry Backpacks    

Inspired by some trendy backpack and luggage brands, the ChipmunkBag is a premium backpack made for your laundry, but still can be used for any adventure like hiking or camping. This bag has an inner pocket that is perfect for storing your money, keys, cell phone, and even dryer sheets. 

The backpack includes a removable inner divider used to separate laundry, thick, more comprehensive, and softer straps, additional foam padding, and Bartack stitch on all high-load areas.

The ChipmunkBag has a capacity of 115-liters, and because you don’t always need that much room, they make a Mini with a 55-liter capacity. The regular size bag costs about 60 dollars, and the mini runs about $50.   


Beam Backpack 

The Most Advanced Solar Power Backpack

A truly solar-powered backpack, the Beam backpack is the most advanced in the world. This backpack uses a GIGS solar cell to convert sunlight into electric power.

The solar cell is ultra-thin, flexible, and lightweight, making it perfect for using on backpacks. 

Beams solar panels can charge a cell phone in around three hours and a 10,000-megahertz power bank in 8 and a half hours. This backpack comes with plenty of storage, a buckle lock, RFID Blocking to keep credit cards safe, and a water-resistant zipper. 

This also includes an adjustable chest buckle, breathable cotton straps, reinforced studs, a luggage handle, and cost about $200. 


 *Our Pick on Amazon* 🛒

Bopai Intelligent Increase Backpack and Anti-Theft Laptop Rucksack with USB Charging Business Laptop Backpack for Men Water Resistant College Backpack, Black
Bopai Intelligent Increase Backpack and Anti-Theft Laptop Rucksack



Ghostek NRGbag2   

The Ghostek NRGbag 2 is a 40-liter backpack with a dedicated compartment for a 15.6-inch laptop. This is made of durable, water-resistant Polyester, has adjustable padded shoulder straps, and multiple compartments for organization and storage

The beautiful thing about this backpack is that it comes with a built-in 16,000-megahertz battery and 3 USB ports including two on the inside and one on the outside of the pack. This also includes power LED indicator and comes in two styles, either regular black or a camo version. 

Perfect for hiking, travel, business, or school this backpack costs just under $100.


Honorable Mentions


The world’s first hands-free umbrella backpack is now available. As soon as you feel those first few drops of rain on your head, simply pop up the umbrella canopy to shield you from the water. With adjustable straps, gust busters to help airflow, and a button to collapse the canopy, staying dry has never been easier.


LIO Backpack 

The LIO backpack is zipper-free, and also claims to be completely theft-free with its secure design. The special patent-pending MoonLock opening system keeps your belongings completely inaccessible to thieves, while also being quick and easy to pack away your things into one handy compartment.

The LIO currently costs $139.

Solgaard Lifepack 

The Lifepack prides itself on being like your own mobile office, with its incredible Solarbank S3 device. This includes a solar panel, a power bank for charging your devices, Bluetooth speakers, and an anti-theft lock. The bag also contains secret pockets for your more sensitive documents and valuables.

Prices start at $159. 

Available on Amazon:

Solgaard Carry-on Closet 

From the outside, the carry-on closet looks like any other regular suitcase. However, despite being standard carry-on size, the suitcase contains a pop-up shelving unit, acting as your own portable wardrobe for those longer stays.

It is currently on the market for $199. 

Available on Amazon:


The Vandra

A very aesthetic looking backpack, the Vandra also includes a variety of handy internal features. An anti-shock laptop holder, wired padlock, external USB, hidden pockets, waterproof material, Bluetooth tracker, and much more make this backpack a real Jack of all trades.

Prices start at $79

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