15 Solar Powered Vehicles From Yesteryear To The Near Future

15 Solar Powered Vehicles From Yesteryear To The Near Future

Humans have utilized the power of the sun for millennia now. Starting back in the 7th Century B.C., we would use glass to concentrate sunlight to start fires. Fast forward to today, we’ve created solar-powered cars, boats, and even buildings!

Put2Go Phone Mount & Wireless Phone Charger

With this Phone mount & wireless phone charger for your car, there’s no need to worry about a charging cable. Everybody’s had that moment when you’re driving and your phone is dying. Fumbling with a charging cable trying to plug it in while also trying to keep your eyes on the road. Magnetic Wireless Charger Continue Reading


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15 Passenger Drones & Transports

Passenger Drones coming to a sky near us.Passenger Drones, a personal flyer, a flying car, a air taxi, personal aircraft, and transports. What’s next in line?The Scorpion 3Many of us have often wished we could fly through the air when we’re stuck in traffic or hurrying to get to work.Listed below are some options we Continue Reading