10 Dynamic Vehicle Designs by Automotive Legend Marcello Gandini

Marcello Gandini boasts one of the most impressive client lists in car design history, having worked for the likes of Alfa Romeo, BMW, Bugatti, Renault, Ferrari, Lancia, Fiat, Lamborghini, and many more. Designs that, despite being rolled out decades ago, are still being talked about with just as much acclaim today.

Put2Go Phone Mount & Wireless Phone Charger

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15 COOLEST BACKPACKS AVAILABLE   Jerrybag SHIELD Multi-Purpose Hard-shell Backpack for Work & Travel The Jerrybag Shield Hard-shell backpack is stylish and sturdy for use in everyday activities or a long hike through the mountains.  Separate back side air-mesh compartments, a polycarbonate cover, and suitcase dividers make this perfect for daily travel.  The shield is Continue Reading