Do you ever see stuff that’s just absolutely crazy while driving? Can’t get your phone out to record it?

The DDPai Mini2 Wi-Fi Dash Cam is voice controlled and shoots video in 1080p to make sure you never miss those crazy moments again. Using all glass spherical lenses, it reduces glare and provides HD video in a 130-degree wide field of vision. 

Due to the fact that a couple of temperature sensitive components were removed, this camera has a low failure rate, a longer lifespan, and is suitable to use as a 24-hour parking monitor. The Camera itself is made to set and forget.

You can easily operate this mini cam with just a few minutes of self-learning.

These Powerful Functions are Included

Super Night Vision by WDR technology; Remote snapshot button captures picture/10S video conveniently; G-sensor (sensitivity adjustable) for auto detection & collison latch; Loop Recording by default; and Time Lapse 1FPS recording, for parking mode, can significantly cover much longer recording time for the Dash Cam.


A dual USB car charger is included and it works with both 12-volt and 24-volt vehicles.  This Mini Cam also supports a TransFlash (TF) card from 1GB to 128GB, but unfortunately it’s not included.

Not only does this dash cam listen to your voice it listens to your wallet as well costing you only $70.

Dash Cam

2K DDPai Mini2 Wi-Fi Car Camera
$ 69
  • Built-in Supercapacitor, G-Sensor, Snapshot Button, Night Vision


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