Air Hawk Pro

No one likes having a flat tire, but everyone will deal with the problem sooner or later.

The fast working Air Hawk Pro Portable Air Compressor is convenient and easy to use. While its compact design conveniently stores in just about any car, cabinet, or drawer. This is one accessory that every car should have.

Unlike the bulky air compressors that need a tank, this one pulls in the surrounding air and compresses it to wherever you need it. Whether it’s a car and bike tire, toy, sports equipment, or an air mattress. Air Hawk Pro also includes a handy travel carry bag.

The Air Hawk Pro comes equipped with 3 different nozzles, a digital LED display, a built-in light, and a rechargeable battery. The auto-stop feature shuts down the device when the correct tire pressure is reached.

Air Hawk PRO

Cordless Portable Air Compressor
$ 45
  • Built-in pressure gauge automatically stops at the desired pressure.

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