StopSleep - Anti Sleep Alarm h

Eliminate the Fear of Falling Asleep

Most people have had that moment where you’re just seconds away from falling asleep at the wheel, and to be honest it’s pretty scary. This sleep Alarm for Drivers will let you know when you start losing concentration while driving, eliminating the fear of falling asleep. It’s like an instant wake-up call.

Warns up to 5 Minutes Before Drowsiness


This warning device is just the thing for anyone who drives long distances. By measuring the electroconductivity of your skin it can read when your reaction time on the road is getting slower. The alarm can even warn you of drowsiness before you start to feel it. Studied extensively by the National Scientific Research Center in France, it uses some of the same technology as polygraph tests. 


Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers
$ 189
  • Warns up to 5 Minutes Before Drowsiness. Beep and Vibration Doze Alert.

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