10 Genius Inventions Ahead of Their Time Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous household names in painting, in the world, but many people forget his long list of pioneering, future-defining inventions. Born in 1452, in Florence, Italy, Da Vinci not only left a lasting legacy in Art with his infamous Mona Lisa, but he also paved the way for science and invention today.

Renault launches new ZOE with more range, faster charging, more power

Renault launches new ZOE with some design changes and a bigger battery pack for more range, faster charging, and more power. New Renault ZOE 2020 Design The French automaker described the design changes in a press release: “From the audacity of its youth to the dynamism of its adulthood, New ZOE has also reached a Continue Reading

Ultimate gas guzzler goes green? GM said to be considering electric Hummer

One of the most notorious gas-guzzling brands of all time, Hummer, is reportedly being considered by GM for an electric reboot.

GM is mulling over the vehicles it should electrify among its SUVs and trucks, and ultimate gas guzzler Hummer has come up in those discussions as a possibility, Bloomberg reports:

Studio NAB wants to boost urban biodiversity with an insect hotel at a bus stop

Waiting for the bus is usually a drag, but what if the experience could instead become an opportunity to be closer to nature? French design practice Studio NAB has reinterpreted the humble bus stop as a hub for biodiversity that offers a “hotel” for birds and insects of all varieties. Built from recycled materials and topped with a vegetated green roof, the proposed Hotel Bus Stop aims to promote the population of native pollinating insects and reconnect people to nature.